Tracy's Penne alla Vodka

Take Chopped onion or Chopped or slivered fresh garlic to your taste (I love garlic so of course I add alot)Saute in butter just until soft. Add Heavy or whipping cream & half & half. One medium size of both, add tomatoe paste (make it to the thickness you like & I like to add diced tomatoes (for a little kick you can add a can with mild green chili's) & sometimes stewed too, make sure you drain them. Once you have that all together start with 1/4 cup of Vodka. Let simmer for 15 minutes and go by taste, you can add more if needed as you go and let that simmer for 15 more minutes. Cook Penne and pour sauce over it. I made so much I had to freeze the other half of it. You can cook some chopped prosciutto and either put it in the sauce or on the side. I have made many different sides (since I dont eat meat or seafood), but I have used scallops, shrimp, boneless grilled chicken, etc...

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