1 premade Angel food cake (Bundt cake shaped)
1 24oz tub of frozen "Strawberries in it's own juice"
1 12 oz tub non-dairy whipped topping


Slice the angel food cake all the way through the middle to make two layers. Place the bottom layer on a large cake plate (large enough to hold alot of juice around the actual cake).

Spoon some of the strawberry mixture all over the top (just enough to see that it starts to soak in about halfway down. Drop large tablespoons of whipped topping all over the top of the strawberries, smooth down. Place the second layer over the bottom. Repeat the above (layer of strawberries, then cream). Use your spoon to "ice" the cake as you prefer (dollops, swirls etc...) and top with remaining strawberries, and spoon the left over juice over the top enough so it drizzles down all around the sides, pour any leftover juice down into the center.

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