Franny’s Curried Cream Prawns


2 lbs small prawns
2oz butter
1 onion
1 TBS Curry powder
3 TBS plain flour
1 glove garlic
3 cups water
3 chicken stock cubes
1/2 green apple
1 small banana
Salt and pepper
2 TBS Tomato sauce
1 TBS vinegar
¼ cup sour cream.


Finely chop onion and crush the garlic. Sautee in butter until golden brown. Add in flour and curry powder, let sit for 2 minutes and then remove from heat, Add water and stir to combine. Then return to heat, add stock cubes, finely chopped apple, banana chopped salt, pepper, tomato sauce and vinegar. Place lid on and reduce heat and let simmer for 30 minutes. Remove lid and cook for another 15minutes. Press mixture through sieve. Return to pan, add prawns and sour cream and let simmer for another 3minutes. Take off heat when all is cooked nicely. Serve with rice or a steak or chicken or fish. Hope you like it!!

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